You’re very welcome to celebrate International Women’s Day in Ghent on Saturday afternoon 5 March at 2:30 pm.

Join us as we mark this global day connecting all international students from the Ugent for an inspiring celebration with a talk on ‘self confidence: how to gain, train and maintain it’ by a professional coach, life music, dance performances, great food and free drinks.

The celebration is free and only open to women but be on time as only a limited number of students can join.
Your presence by preference in traditional costume will give our celebration a very appropriate international flair!

Sound great, isn’t it? So don’t miss this event.

Venue: International home for foreign students OBSG/Club van Eyck hall, Kortrijksesteenweg 500 B9000 Gent

OBSG OPEN HOUSE on May 9, 2015

On SATURDAY MAY 9, 2015 at 14:30 HRS OBSG will open its door to all the International Students and their Belgian Friends.

Come and join the Free Podium, International Music, Dance Performances, Songs and more.

Taste the fingerfood from every corner of the world.

Traditional outfit is requested if you have one.

Join us at Kortrijksesteenweg 500.

If you want to participate actively by performing or cooking, contact our social service at

Workshop about Core Talents by Mrs. Danielle Krekels

On Saturday May 2, 2015, at 14:30 HRS OBSG will have a workshop about Core Talents.

If you are aware of your core talents, you make more conscious decisions that really suit you!
Skills that don’t match your core talents are much harder to learn and don’t give you as much satisfaction. It will seldom lead to a superior level of competence.

Time to discover your core talents with Danielle Krekels during this workshop!

Danielle Krekels discovered the core talents method that help people to find and develop their natural preferences and how to convert this knowledge into making the right decisions to find the perfect job or education.
While screening and searching engineers, Danielle Krekels found out that your favorite childhood games tell you everything about your underlying natural talents. As a child you loved to do certain activities or to play in a certain way with things, according to your character, talents and desire. It took 15 years to develop the link between favorite childhood activities, toys and interests and to find out exactly what toy or game exactly means once being an adult.

Interested to join?
Registration in advance is necessary at

VENUE: HALL OBSG/CLUB VAN EYCK – Kortrijksesteenweg 500 – 9000 Gent
No Fee