Memorial Service for Father Charles

Dear OBSG Friends,

On May 10 it will be just one year that Father Charles left us.

The Roman Catholic chaplain for International Students in Ghent, Father Bert Vanderhaegen and the International Roman Catholic Community of Ghent are organizing a memorial service on Sunday May 13, 2018 at 11:30 HRS at the Christus Koning Church. The Holy mass will be graced by the International Choir.

You are kindly invited to participate to the celebration in memory of Father Charles and join for a small reception after the service in the back of the church.

Location: Christus Koning Church – Rerum Novarumplein at 9000 Gent (Nieuw Gent)

One thought on “Memorial Service for Father Charles

  1. It is still a shocking news to me. I’m Ngoc Dung Nguyen, an MSc student living in OBSG home from 09/2013-09/2014. That might not be a long duration compared to many other Vietnam students’ ones, yet I would say I have had some unforgotten memories with Father Charles. He was among the first people I met in Ghent. I remember the first time we met each other was when I just arrived OBSG home. I and Marlin – “OBSG’s director” were talking about my upcoming stay in OBSG, and I said that I don’t know where/what is the nearest supermarket for buying some stuff (Delhaize), Father Charles approached me and I remember he said that:” I have a car, and I can take you there”. I was indeed so moved by that since this is not a common manner in my country especially for the first time we met.

    Since I’m a member of the Vietnamese Student Association in Gent – VINASAG, so I had some more chances to meet and talk to him. Words cannot express it thoroughly, but all I can tell about him is that Father Charles is such an adorable and decent person, a big personality, always supportive and really warm-hearted. I believe that he also had a special affection towards Vn students.

    It is really a pity that I cannot join the Memorial Service for Father Charles because of my studying work, yet I believe that he is happily living in the heaven.

    From Canada with love and regards.

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