Encounter with Deo Baribwegure – September 28 at 17.00 HRS


A few years ago OBSG housed Mr. Deo Baribwegure a PhD Candidate from Uganda,.

When he completed his PhD successfully he returned to Uganda to start his work but had an idea in the back of his head, creating a UGent Alumni Chapter in East Africa for students from Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.

Actually Deo is visiting his Alma Mater and suggested to meet with students from East Africa so he could introduce his idea.

On his behalf we would like to invite you to OBSG on Friday September 28 to meet him so he can introduce not only himself but also the work he is doing in Africa.

Deo  suggests four points to be on the agenda.

  1. Getting to know each other,
  2. Explain the idea of UGent Alumni Chapter in East Africa,
  3. Possible collaboration with Belgian investors in East Africa,
  4. Miscellaneous and answers to possible questions.

Be welcome!

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