A. Aims of O.B.S.G.

  1. O.B.S.G. provides a student-residence with a ” home-away-from-home” atmosphere and a meeting place in Ghent, where students from all over the world, doctorate students, researchers and trainees alike, come together, make friendships, exchange and discu ss their ideals and ideas.
  2. By doing so, O.B.S.G. aims to promote the training of skilful personnel for the harmonious development of the developing countries in a spirit of solidarity, harmony and brotherhood among all nations.
  3. O.B.S.G. is therefore, a non-governemental association, recognized and promoted by A.B.O.S. (A.B.O.S.= Algemeen Bestuur voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking = Belgium Agency for Development Cooperation).

B. O.B.S.G. has set up the following instruments:

  • a STUDENTS-CLUB since1977
  • STUDENTS-HOMES since 1981
  • a monthly magazine “CONTACTBLAD” published since 1984
  • facilities for adult education in the ACADEMY VAN EYCK since 1995.


  • All people of goodwill are welcome in O.B.S.G. regardless of their nationality, race, social, religious or political ideals. O.B.S.G. respects the specificities of every one. It promotes harmony and unity in diversity.
  • Everyone, Belgian and non-Belgian alike, wishing to cooperate in the attainment of the objectives of O.B.S.G. in a spirit of open-mindness, commitment to study, mutual service and sociability, can become a member of O.B.S.G.

A membership-card, valid for one academic year, can be obtained at the office of O.B.S.G. on payment of a small fee.
The members of O.B.S.G. are entitled to apply for an apartment or a room in the O.B.S.G. homes, to use the O.B.S.G. Club, to participate in the activities of the Academy Van Eyck, to receive the “CONTACTBLAD”, free of charge. All O.B.S.G. services are available to all its members.