Financial Help for students due to Covid-19

OBSG is focusing his financial aid to International students from the Global South (studying and living in Ghent) with no or with a low scholarship and who currently suffer an income loss due to the – temporary – loss of their student job because of COVID-19 measures.

Master and Manama students from the University of Ghent (UGent) can contact the social service at

Bachelor and Master students from University College Ghent (HOGent) can contact

Bachelor and Master students from Artevelde University College (Arteveldehogeschool) can contact

In order to assess your application for help, we will need the following information :

Please fill in and return the questionnaire above to

and also enclose all requested documents :

•             Proof of PHD enrolment or Master study

•             Proof of your scholarship (amount) or recently ended scholarship ;
or provide info of a guarantor or a blocked account

•             Proof of employment (e.g. an ongoing or recently terminated employment contract, income mentioned on bank account statement or your most recent salary slip)

After receiving all information from your side, we will contact you to evaluate your situation in a face-2-face conversation.